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Re: F1 2020

Posted: 14:49 01 Mar 2020
by GreenThing
MickyD wrote: I think the problem is that engines are so fuel-efficient these days that there's no chance of running out of fuel, so messing with the fuel flow is considered an articial aid outside the regs, which these days are designed to maximise efficiency. According to

In F1's complex turbo-hybrid engines, the fuel-flow limit works to promote efficiency and is effectively a ceiling on the amount of power an engine can produce.

It means teams cannot increase power simply by increasing the rate of fuel flow through the engine, and must do so instead via efficiency savings, in other words increasing the amount of power extracted from the available fuel by advances in the engine/hybrid system.

Regardless, the FIA announcement, outlined in the same piece, lacks transparency, to put it mildly. If I didn't know better I'd wonder whether Ferrari didn't sometimes receive preferential treatment for some reason!

Yep, they’re fuel efficient. But where’s the harm of pumping extra fuel into the engine? Running rich and having to carry extra fuel to do so is slower over a race distance, which is why they underfuel the cars and save fuel at some point. Restricting the fuel flow takes away a possible variable to be used tactically. At a time where people want non stop action, I would think this sort of thing would be looked at favourably.

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Posted: 11:52 02 Mar 2020
by MickyD
I don't disagree but that's just the way things are; and if Ferrari or any other team flouts the rules as they stand, they're doing it for one reason and one reason alone: to gain an advantage that other teams don't have.

Although it shocked the other teams when it appeared and will be banned next year, by all accounts Mercedes' DAS system was developed in consultation with the FIA every step of the way, so that's a completely different kettle of fish.

Re: F1 2020

Posted: 17:44 02 Mar 2020
by GreenThing
I agree. Rules are rules and if Ferrari are flouting them, then they deserve to be punished accordingly. I just don’t see the point of the rule in the first place. Apparently the Ferrari system was very clever - the sensors measure the flow in pulses and the Ferrari was pumping more in between the measurements and back to normal at the right time. There are now 2 sensors, one that the teams can use the data and another for FIA use only.

Fingers crossed we have a race as there may be issues with Ferrari, Alfa Turi, Haas and Pirelli being quarantined due to Corona in Italy.

Re: F1 2020

Posted: 06:34 03 Mar 2020
by Dan Ellard
Time for my annual stab at predicting the order of the Constructors for this season:

Red Bull
Racing Point
Alfa Romeo
Alpha Tauri

RB will push Merc closer I think with Ferrari lagging behind.

Racing Mercedes Point ( ;) ) will probably start 4th quickest but I'd back McLaren and Renault to develop their car better.

7th to 9th will be tight, and I think Williams will be much closer to the rest of the field but still ultimately will be generally last, bit like in 2018.

For the WDC, I think it'll be Hamilton edging Max, followed by Bottas, Leclerc, Albon and Vettel.

Re: F1 2020

Posted: 14:49 08 Mar 2020
by MickyD
I couldn't really argue with much of that. I just hope that Williams get it together!

With the Chinese GP already postponed, I see that Covid-19 will also now mean that the Bahrain GP will be held behind closed doors. I think I'm right in saying that the mega-rich government pick up the tab for that one so they won't even notice; but imagine if the same thing happens at Silverstone and other circuits where regular race-day income is essential to their very existence.

In the mean time I'll be setting my alarm for Melbourne in a little under a week's time, then turning it off and watching it on Tivo a few hours later if past experience is anything to go by.

Re: F1 2020

Posted: 12:33 11 Mar 2020
by MickyD

Re: F1 2020

Posted: 14:12 12 Mar 2020
by GreenThing
McLaren now withdrawn from the Australia GP. I expect that the event will be cancelled.

Re: F1 2020

Posted: 16:05 12 Mar 2020
by GreenThing
Postponed now. :-(

Edited to add: The BBC seemed a bit premature on this one, no confirmation of it being postponed.

Re: F1 2020

Posted: 18:11 12 Mar 2020
by MickyD
Still showing on BBC, still nothing on A sign of things to come in many walks of life worldwide, I suspect.

Re: F1 2020

Posted: 18:28 12 Mar 2020
by GreenThing
Now been announced on Sky. Still nothing in the official F1 site.

Re: F1 2020

Posted: 01:04 13 Mar 2020
by greeneagle
Definitely cancelled now, announced on all the local and National News.

Re: F1 2020

Posted: 03:15 13 Mar 2020
by Andy_S
It's definitely not happening Keith!

The thing is I can't see any races taking place for the foreseeable future.

Melbourne - out, Bahrein - supposedly behind closed doors but with team members going down, teams will be reluctant to travel, Vietnam - probably out, China - out, Dutch, Spanish, French, GB, Monaco, Austrian, Hungary, Italy - none of them are like to take place...unless there is a drastic reduction in the infection rate over the next 6 to 8 weeks.

Every race bar Melbourne is in the Northern Hemisphere, so F1 aren't going to want to race in the snow! :D

A completely lost season.

Re: F1 2020

Posted: 07:19 13 Mar 2020
by GreenThing
We might be able to get in some of the races after the summer break, which include Italy and Belgium. My worry is, will there be F1 to compete by then? How many of the smaller teams will be able to survive financially, and the manufacturer teams could have the plug pulled (like they regularly threaten). Same goes for the circuits, will Silverstone survive a cancelled race?