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Re: Classic Albums

Posted: 17:11 29 Aug 2020
by MickyD
Pogleswoody wrote: I've never known a grill like you before. :coat:


Re: Classic Albums

Posted: 17:13 29 Aug 2020
by Pogleswoody
MickyD wrote:
Pogleswoody wrote: I've never known a grill like you before


:lol: :nworthy:

Re: Classic Albums

Posted: 13:53 25 Oct 2020
by greenpig27
Although primarily a rock fan (Led Zep being my fav band).....An album I never tire of listening to is August and Everything After by Counting Crows

Re: Classic Albums

Posted: 16:25 12 Nov 2020
by mervyn
Arcade Fire. Suburbs. How did this album pass me by? Brilliant. Can’t stop playing.

Re: Classic Albums

Posted: 20:12 13 Nov 2020
by smudja
Would be any Bowie album from the 70s..

Hunky Dory is a masterpiece and The Man Who Sold The World has the heaviness that lead to The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars (to give it us full title) ... the opening track 5 years is amazing considering it was done it one take with Bowie in tears at the end.

Where would we be without Ziggy and Starman?

Aladdinsane and Diamond Dogs end a creative set before we get the delights of white soul in Young Americans and the fabulous Station to Station..

Berlin trilogy Low lodger and Heroes show the direction that music was going with Kraftwerks electronic music being stolen and transformed before Scary Monsters ends the decade

Bowie fan.. yes..massively..but I could easily have picked

Elected by Alice Cooper
Parallel Lines
Architecture and Morality amongst others

Really though it should be Blackstar

Re: Classic Albums

Posted: 08:31 24 Nov 2020
by Quinny
So ... 10 years ago (to the day) I made a decision (it seemed like a good idea at the time, so I was probably a bit drunk) - I was going to listen to all albums in the "1,001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die" book. I had an advantage in that I reckoned I already owned at least 100 of them, but I'd listen to them again, and to make it harder I added all albums dropped from previous editions (which made the total 1,024 if memory serves) ... and give myself a year to do it in. So I lobbed them all in a spreadsheet, and started listening.

And, using various sources (Napster, YouTube, now defunct Grooveshark, and other :pirate: means) I did it - with a few months to spare. Except I didn't stop - I kept making a list of every album I listened to. I even had an ambition to see if I could get to 10,000 albums in 10 years.

That didn't happen because, you know, real life, but after 10 years the figures aren't too shabby. I have listened to 7,180 albums - 5,166 *different albums* (because I like to listen to some more than once, obviously) from 1,762 different album artists (although I would count Neil Young, and Neil Young with Crazy Horse as being different, so that's not entirely accurate).

Suppose I had better start on the next ten years now.

Re: Classic Albums

Posted: 09:50 24 Nov 2020
by MickyD
You are a sad, sad man, Quinny. :funny: But also :nworthy:

And smudja - yes! (Lucky you didn't have to include Space Oddity, which is quite the curate's egg.)