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Re: The Gig You Wish You’d Gone To

Posted: 12:50 08 May 2020
by Devongreenowl
Frank_Butcher wrote:
Devongreenowl wrote:
Frank_Butcher wrote: It's September 1980 and we used to go to a lot of gigs back then. Mate says to me, there's this new Irish band who are really exciting (he'd acquired a single called '11O'clock Tick Tock") and they're over in the UK. As it happens they're in Plymouth tonight at the Fiesta Suite - do I fancy it? Nah, says I, can't be bothered tonight.

Mate goes to the gig, not that many people turn up and he ends up chatting to some guy at the bar who later appears on stage.

Yes, it was U2 (when they were really good).

My mate had his own band at the time - he'd exchanged details and amazingly the lads kept in touch by postcard to keep track of how they were getting on and generally wishing them well. Unfortunately he can't find said postcard - can you imagine ....

Good one Frank. Was it Hewson at the bar and did your mate get a word in…?!?!

Think it was Mr Evans (The Edge) but not absolutely sure. It was Evans who sent the postcard.

I have another story sort of related to this thread - in the spirit of 'what might have been'. My old boss grew up in Glasgow and some of his mates set up a band. They were in need of new members and asked him if he'd go and get himself some gear and join them. However, he had saved his money with the purpose of getting himself a bike, so declined.

They changed their name and line-up - but he's still in touch with Jim Kerr and Charlie Burchill today.

That’s another great story Frank. Always liked Simple Minds, especially their earlier stuff before they got really big. Saw them a few times over the years. Still going now,aren’t they. I think they were about to tour their greatest hits before this bloody virus struck :banghead:

Re: The Gig You Wish You’d Gone To

Posted: 14:27 08 May 2020
by ninjamissile
Queen, early 70's at the Torquay town hall. They'd only had a couple of hits at that time and it would have cost £5 - £10. I had the money but didn't go, poor decision. :sad: Saw David Bowie in the same place at about the same time for very little more.. :)

Re: The Gig You Wish You’d Gone To

Posted: 14:47 08 May 2020
by Devongreenowl
mervyn wrote:
Devongreenowl wrote:
Devongreenowl wrote:
mervyn wrote: How about this for a missed gig. My youngest son was living in Vienna, and had a ticket with his mates for arguably the greatest ever European final at Barcelona when Man U beat Bayern. The day before his new Swedish girl friend told him she’d bought two tickets for the overnight sleeper train to Rome, and was he keen? What would you have done? Romance won.

Morning Mervyn - you obviously have a great relationship with your son! :cool:

Ps - in the true spirit of the thread - did he regret missing the gig though? :funny:

Yes and no. They lived together in Stockholm for eight years, and he claimed he never regretted that decision. He is now married with three children in Stockholm to another lovely Swedish lady, and I bet he finds it hard to see highlights of one of the game’s greatest moments.

Great story Mervyn :cool: