by Adam
» 10:53 16 Sep 2020
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Hi all,

Apologies to the Mods if this isn't allowed or is in the incorrect place.

Last year I left teaching to pursue something I always wanted to do, write a children's book, and thanks to lockdown, I did it!

It's available in eBook format on Amazon, with Paperback available shortly. Dependent on your reading device, the formatting of images may be a little awkward, but generally, it's ok. It's aimed at ages 5-9, so if you've got little ones then I'd appreciated you showing it to them.

From today and until Friday the book is FREE

Chester Drawers & The Golden Cat Mystery

I wanted to do this purely so I could say that I've done it. Nothing more, nothing less. This book isn't going to make me millions, and I don't think it ever will.

Unless it does, and then byeeeee, lol.