by mervyn
» 12:26 04 Feb 2021

I thought i’d heard them all, but this was new to me.

A woman owns one of these big hairy German dogs. After several years the hair in its ears is so prolific that it can’t hear her whistles or instructions.

Her vet gives her the name of a suitable cream for removing the hair. It’s a cream for humans, so she can buy it at the chemists.

Hearing her buying it at the counter, the pharmacist comes over to explain that she has to be careful.
He says, “it won’t hurt your hands, but if you apply to your legs or arms you must wipe it off immediately, and don’t let it get near your face”.

“That’s OK”, she says, “I’m using it on my Schnouzer”.

The pharmacist says “Fine, but don’t ride your bike for the next two weeks”.